Business Risk Services

VFN are structured under the following areas.

Business Process Risk Management - Risk profiling, risk polarization, analysis and management of threat, systems assessment, process and control evaluation, risk assurance (including internal audit services), business continuity planning (including disaster recovery) and corporate governance.

Decision Support - Ensuring integrity of information, developing decision rules, structuring management information flows and instituting systems that provide decision makers with early warning signals.

Performance Management -Improving delivery and vendor management, optimising supply chain management, rationalising inventory management & achieving cost reductions.

Activity based and unit based costing - Enabling a comprehensive & systematic basis to price for products and services.


Our control reviews are created and implemented to address management objectives ranging from business process to application and technology infrastructure controls. We provide wide range of services regarding Controls & Procedures which includes:


We recognize the challenge faced by entities in allocating limited resources to develop an Accounting Procedures Manual. In response, we have created a service that allows an organization to outsource this task. We assist in updating or compiling new documentation of the sequence and details of key accounting function procedures. To improve your financial accounting and keep you abreast of new developments in corporate reporting, our experienced professionals will provide you with a combination of technical advice, support tools, and training of in-house accounting staff. Whether it is a full service accounting and book-keeping plan or quarterly updates and financial statement preparation, we provide accurate and timely services that include:


One of the most significant requirements in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is the responsibility of the board and management to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of internal controls. 
Compliance with the internal control and corporate governance standards of Sarbanes-Oxley is not easy. MAS risk-based Controls Analysis Service can help ensure that your board and management implement a lasting and effective enterprise-wide risk management strategy, while also meeting the control requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. 
SAS-70 Internal Controls 
SAS 70 Compliance Services 
We have a credible experience of providing SAS 70 services to large multinational companies. Our SAS 70 service delivery teams have backgrounds that combine IT knowledge with internal controls assessments skills. Further, our IT & ITES experience enables us to apply a focused industry perspective to your SAS 70 engagement and to provide you with current value ideas and strong best practices. Our SAS 70 services have not only helped our clients assure their user organisations of the controls put in place but also resulted in:


Depending on your needs, we can evaluate:

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