Legal Process Outsourcing

Why Outsource Legal Processes to India?

Legal process outsourcing consists of various processes from research and analytics to drafting, paralegal services, Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Wills and Living trusts and Legal Research.

The LPO industry is the latest kid in the domain of ITES services and though today is only about US$1bn in revenue is expected to reach US $17bn in revenue by 2020. The first level document review encompasses anywhere between 58% and 90% of total litigation costs. This is a huge piece of the litigation costs pie. Therefore, companies are quickly working to identify strategies to control and reduce these costs. As such, interest and demand is growing in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) that allows for economies and efficiencies in first level document review. In litigation vast amount of data is reviewed by team of lawyers, attorneys and paralegal experts to ascertain the relevance of the data to the case in hand, the nature of data whether privileged or confidential in nature and as these data is voluminous in nature the need to classify the data in time is of utmost importance. Hence, the need of outsourcing research and analytics and data review has become very relevant to the entire process of Legal Process Outsourcing. As US and UK litigation costs soar the need to outsource certain part of the entire value chain has grown rapidly in order for the US and UK Law firms to remain competitive and also provide seamless round the clock data flow. We have distinct advantages over the others for the following reasons:-

Immense pool of English speaking law graduates which can easily blend to our US and UK counterparts needs. A legal system based on English common law (US and UK). Therefore, legal understanding and analysis is applicable and adaptable. Time differentials that allow for around-the-clock document review.


LPO wing of VFN Outsourcing also offers various Legal Process Outsourcing services. Largely focused on the law firms in the US and UK, we offer services like Research and Analytics to drafting, Paralegal services, Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Wills and Living trusts and Legal research. With a team of highly skilled law professionals and attorneys, we offer a winning combination of talent, efficient , effective, cost-savings and impeccable quality.


We draft contracts including commercial contracts online (E Contracts). Our Services include drafting of contracts and agreements, reviewing, proof reading of contracts and revising. We expertise in drafting various contracts ranging from employee contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), licensing agreements, supplier agreements, lease agreements, vendor agreements and distributor agreements.

We have standard contract formats which comes in handy for a busy client. We also develop and draft contracts that meet our clients' specific needs cost-effectively. To achieve this, we adapt information from our extensive collection of standard documentation wherever possible.

Contract Drafting and Management

Drafting of Agreements: Our services include

Electronic Contract

Industry Specific Contracts

Agreement review and management

Standard Contracts


Paralegal services include assisting a lawyer in duties related to the practice of law. It consists of the administrative and paper work that precedes the filing of a court case. Our back office services in the paralegal domain include.

Through formal education, training and expertise, our paralegals have the knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system and substantive and procedural law which quality them to do work of a legal nature under the supervision of an attorney.


Our team at VFN Outsourcing includes Patent Lawyers, attorneys who address the needs of knowledge driven companies capable of generating Intellectual Property.

At VFN, we provide IP Analysis services for clients at different stages. Our Services like Protectability analysis, Novelty analysis, Procedural reports, Infringement analysis, License analysis, Competitor analysis and so on help our clients in making critical decisions in relation to IP protection and commercialization. We provide analysis reports on different aspects to companies in Biotechnology, Software, Chemistry, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing sectors.


A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to a patentee (the inventor of assignee) for a fixed period of time in exchange for the regulated, public disclosure of certain details of a device, method, process or composition of matter (substance) known as invention which is new, inventive and useful or industrially applicable.

We have patent attorneys and patent examiners having scientific and technical understanding, strong communication, legal and commercial skills. We study and analyze scientific or technical documents, including previously published patent documents, to assess in what ways client's invention is new and inventive, and ascertain whether these are likely to succeed in being granted patents. We write detailed descriptions of inventions in very precise legal terms (patent drafts), which will form the basis for patents to be granted by patent offices in different parts of the world. We also suggest modifications or extensions to the definition of the invention, which would allow the client to claim as broad a monopoly as possible.

VFN Outsourcing offers following patent related services:


For many years due to their high cost trusts were reserved for only the wealthy. However, today with the information superhighway more and more people are finding out that an offshore trust can be established by us without the inherent high cost. There are concerns for all of us as we see our resources come under increasing risk; taxes eating away at our earnings; and the needs to assure funds for education, retirement and health maintenance growing.

Thousands are looking to foreign jurisdictions where taxes are non-existent or minimal. Millions of families rely upon trusts to guard against confiscatory taxes, judgments and claims of creditors. Older people are using trusts to assure comfortable retirement in the face of expected long life and the possibility of ending their days in a nursing care facility.

Young people see in trusts the opportunity to accumulate wealth which otherwise would be limited by taxes, regulation and assessments. It requires little imagination for you to realize how much more you can benefit through a properly established and professionally managed Offshore Trust.

Depending on your citizenship, residency, motives, objectives or dreams, resources can be managed by a trustee offshore to minimize, avoid or delay taxes; encounter no problems with inheritance wishes; and have resources beyond the reach of those who would seek judgements against beneficiaries.

If ever there was a time when an offshore Trust should be considered for personal or business financial planning, it is now.


Our research associates are experienced and dynamic lawyers who have earned the company its reputation and prestige. They come with varied backgrounds and experiences, which come useful while handling complex and delicate issues. While the associates possess a diversity of talents, experiences and milieu, they share a common devotion to excellence in both the art of trial and the business of researching the optimal solution for all your legal needs. Our professionals have experience of legal research in the matters of company law, arbitration, constitutional matters, corporate work, intellectual property issues, trademarks, patents, copyright MRTP, health and healthcare insurance, labor and employment, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, public sector law, banking law, laws relating to Telecommunications, Rules and Regulations pertaining to SEBI, FIPB, Information Technology and Cyber Law. These areas are supplemented by refined expertise in such specialized and diverse fields as transportation, agriculture, real estate, environmental law and public finance.

Our lawyers sift through large quantities of data using electronic databases and the Internet to provide focused research to law firms and attorneys. We conduct and analyze research at all levels including international case law studies, Municipal and state laws regulatory codes and history of legislations and multi-jurisdictional surveys.


Our Legal Research Services includes:

Our Services